As I write this, I am sitting in a quaint and rustic coffee shop in New York City. It is a cloudy, rainy Saturday afternoon but despite the gloomy weather outside I am filled with immense energy and a crazy sense of purpose. If you are on my website reading this right now it is because something drew you here, whether my content on social media or perhaps the words of a friend. The point is that you are here in search of something… something that you feel you need in order to improve the quality or the perspective you currently have in life. You are hoping to find something enlightening and inspiring.. and if that is the case, then you are in the right place. I say this with certainty because I am also searching for the same thing. I also want to create for myself the best and fullest life and I want to always have the right mindset in order to continue to be able to do so. That’s why all the content I share, on here, on my personal social media, any events… will all speak to that purpose.


Everyone has a story. Every single one of us have had or are currently dealing with challenges in life that we have to live with, and we can choose whether we control the outcome or if we allow those circumstances to control us. Those life events have a big impact on our lives and it can be for good or for bad. My mission is to bring to you the stories of influential people that have had to overcome their own challenges and just how they managed to do so. You will learn about mindset, you will take away tips and tactics on how to keep your chin up and eyes forward, you will many times be able to relate. Lastly, you will be inspired.

My message to you and to others is to embrace where you came from. Accept the challenges and the struggles you faced, and grow from them. Own Your Story and don’t feel ashamed. We are all out here fighting this fight called life and if we can all come together in a community of understanding and uplifting others then we can make it just a bit easier to continue to reach that highest level of life.