Laurie Jimenez- My Personal Story Uncensored. Part 1

Many people ask me what it was that inspired me to create the Relentless Minds Podcast and why I am so passionate about helping others “own their story and create their lives”. This is part 1 of 2 episodes where I disclose key adversities in my life that I had to conquer. Challenges that broke me and then made me stronger when I found the strength to say “No More”. I delve deep into my emotions and the mindset that kept me fighting towards a better life for myself. You will learn about the ugly truths of my past, the period where I started to grow and find myself, and then finally how all of that tied into forming the inspiration for this podcast and my overall brand of RELENTLESS MINDS.

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  1. This podcast is so meaningful to young women alike we all have a story but yours is being used in such a powerful way to help turn the negitive into positive and make us feel we are heard and not alone. Keep up the great work Laurie can’t wait to see more podcast from you & your growth ❤🙌 #blessed

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